Dinosaur Dig

This Dinosaur Dig activity is SOO easy to set up and keeps the youngest superheroes entertained for a long time.  Pair it up with some Dinosaur Eggs and your little Paleontologists will be even happier diggers!

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Bin or Sandbox (I use the shoebox size bins from the dollar store)
  • Sand (I used the play sand from Home Depot)
  • Container to place all the hidden items in as they find them.
  • Toy dinosaurs, skulls, skeletons
  • Dinosaur Eggs (click here to see how to make these EASY eggs with treasures/fossils inside)
  • “Tools”: paintbrushes, toothbrushes, shovels, spoons, magnifying glasses, etc…

IMG_0541 IMG_2274

To prepare the box:

Fill the bin about halfway with sand.  Bury toy dinosaurs, toy skulls or dinosaur skeletons into the sand.  I also buried a few dinosaur eggs for the kids to find.  Make sure all the treasures are covered up by the sand.

Give your superheroes some “Tools” and let them dig and discover!  That’s it!  Easy!


The superheroes enjoyed digging in their boxes for dinosaurs, skulls and skeletons!


Using the magnifying glass for closer examination and toothbrushes to clean out the dinosaur skulls was a big hit!  The picture below on the left shows a superhero brushing the dinosaur’s teeth:)

IMG_2306 IMG_2304

The dinosaur dig is definitely a favorite for the superheroes and the Tiny Tots in my science class.  We will definitely be doing this again next session!

 The Science behind the Activity:

Here is another science activity that invites young children to explore, investigate and be curious, just like real scientists.  They choose which tools to use and how to use them and what methods are best for locating the hidden items, breaking open the dinosaur eggs and cleaning off their finds.  Lots of problem-solving and the kids think that they are just playing in the sand!


This activity can be modified for any hidden items.  You could also throw in some gems, large beads, gold-painted rocks and show them how to use a sifter (from their sand toy collection) to look for treasures as well.  Great for a pirate party or to link to a history unit.


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