Ten Apples Up On Top

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd, we decided to try some fun STEM activities related to his fabulous books!  This particular activity is based on his book, “Ten Apples Up On Top”.  This activity would also be fun during the fall when doing a unit on Apples.  Whenever you do it, this is easy to set up and challenging for all ages!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Decorative small apples (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Playdoh or soft clay


Here’s the challenge:  How many apples can YOU stack on top of each other?  For the littles the challenge was 3 apples.  For my older kids, it was 6.  For the parents in my class, it was 10.

So easy to set up!  Just give your little ones a box of decorative apples and some playdoh and let them start stacking.


We removed the stems from the apples to make stacking easier.


We tried putting apples upside down.


We tried putting playdoh under the apples for stability.


My older sons were able to get 5 apples stacked on top.  They had to work together, which was a WIN for this mama!


A parent in my tot class was so engrossed in this activity and got 7 apples stacked.


And the best part?  When they fall over!  (Or get knocked over!)

Finish off the activity by reading Dr. Seuss’s book, “Ten Apples Up On Top”.

For more fun Apple science activities, try the following:

For more Dr. Seuss STEM, try the following:

Science Behind the Activity:

This is a simple STEM activity that encourages creative thinking and problem solving to figure out how to best stack the apples.  Upside down or right side up apples?  Playdoh on top or on the bottom or none at all?  And early math skills for the youngest tots can be enforced by counting the apples as they are stacked (or fall!)  Best of all, it encourages teamwork and working together.

To see where I got my idea from and for more details, follow the link below:





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