Thanksgiving STEAM Teepee building

Often I feel as though Thanksgiving activities get lost in the middle of Halloween and Christmas.  Here’s a simple STEAM activity that can be tailored for the littlest ones as well as for older ones.  The method I have in this post is just ONE of many ways that you could present this activity to your superheroes.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Brown construction paper (great for little ones)
  • Sticks (real ones or craft sticks, depending on the age of your kiddos)
  • Thanksgiving stickers (we used leaves)
  • Pilgrim and Native American figures (We found a fun kit at Michael’s)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Since the tots in my class are pretty young (ages 2-3), I provided them with brown construction paper and helped them to roll into a cone.

I left a box of craft sticks out for them in case they wanted to try to use them instead.  Some taped them on to the outside of their Teepees.

Some looked like tents.

The tots then added stickers and craft sticks to the cone to make it look like a Teepee.

All of them looked great!

Using the kit, each child selected either a Pilgrim or Native American and added it to their Teepee or used them to play with.

Pretend Play with their Teepees further extends this activity!

The Science behind the Activity:

This is a simple open-ended STEAM activity that allows children to build a structure using basic supplies.  The challenge is getting it to stand on its own.  Add some specifications to the structures for older kids, such as a height, width, number of sticks, etc…  Adding the Pilgrims and Native American figures also encourages pretend play.  Read a book about Thanksgiving to round out the lesson with a bit of history.

This activity can be modified for any holiday, such as Santa’s Toy Factory, Witch’s Hut, Leprechaun Trap, etc…


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