Welcome to Science for Superheroes!

Once upon a time, I used to be a middle school science teacher and figured it was time to start a family, so I ditched my job and stayed home to raise my children. In the nine years since I left my classroom, I have been involved in several education-related activities: mentoring/coaching new science teachers, tutoring middle and high school students and most recently, teaching a Tiny Tot Science class for kids ages 2-4. Five years ago I started in the city of Dublin, CA and now I offer classes in several neighboring cities too!

As a mom of  three young boys, I set out to look for a science class for my kids but there was nothing for kids under age 5.  What?  Little humans are the MOST CURIOUS in the first 5 years of life as any parent or child care provider can attest to!  Frustrated, I decided to expose my kids to science on my own and then figured, why not create a class specialized just for toddlers and early preschoolers.  So I did.

This page evolved from individual posts I shared with my friends and family on my personal FB page. So many of my friends were interested in trying stuff with their little superheroes that I decided to try out this “blog” thing. There’s a lot of stuff out there (Pinterest anyone?) but not all are easy to replicate, especially for an un-crafty Mama like me. The things is: My superheroes don’t care! They just love doing stuff with their mom. And so I’m sharing what we do so you can share some meaningful learning experiences with the little superheroes in your life too. 

So stop in, take a look, and experiment.  If my superheroes can do it, so can YOU!

For information about upcoming classes and events, please visit my Classes page

For information on special playgroup sessions or if you’d like me to visit your preschool or in-home daycare, please contact me directly at science4superheroes@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on classes, activities and local events.

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