Candy Science

Peeps Sailboats 

How many Peeps did your kids (or maybe, you?) inhale over Easter?  Don’t eat them all!  Set up a little water science activity with some of the Peeps! Your dentist will thank me for this!  Just some simple supplies from around the house is all you need to keep your littles one sugar-free, occupied and sticky.  See the details


Candy Concoctions

This is the 3rd part to the Candy Experiment series.  And probably the funnest (that’s a word in toddler speak, right?) one yet!  And it’s the perfect way to use up any and all of your leftover candy whether it’s from Halloween, Christmas, V-Day, Easter or just birthday goodie bags.  The superheroes LOVED this one and I’m sure yours will too! See the details


Candy Chemistry – Skittles and M&M’s

As I mentioned in my last post, the superheroes received a ton of candy so we used them for experiments instead of ingesting all that extra sugar.  This is a quick and easy one to do anytime with just 2 ingredients!  Doesn’t get simpler than this!  See the details


Candy Chemistry – Bears and Fish, Oh My!

My kids received goodies bag last weekend filled with candy that I’d prefer they not eat.  But my older superhero reminded me that we can’t just throw it away because that would be wasting food, so we came up with an idea to put the candy to good use!  As a bonus, we had friends try out several experiments with us.  This one uses Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish.  See the details


Dissolving Peeps Experiment

What to do with all those Peeps your kids got form the Easter Bunny?  My oldest superhero came up with this fantastic idea on his own!  He wanted to know what liquids a Peep would dissolve in.  You can set this experiment up in just a few minutes with a few common items from your fridge and pantry and of course, ALL those Peeps! See the details


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