Purple Potion Reactions (Cabbage Juice Indicator)

I’ve been wanting to do this simple kitchen science experiment with my kids for awhile now as I used to do this with my middle school students once upon a long time ago…This one is fantastic for superheroes of ALL ages.   The younger ones can enjoy the colorful reactions and the older ones can learn a bit about acids and bases and how pH indicators work. See the details


Fireworks in a Jar

July 4th Independence Day Holiday is coming up and here’s an easy colorful way to get your holiday started with some science!  Just 3 ingredients from your pantry. See the details


Milk Rainbows

Want to explore some fun with colors?  Here’s a great one and I’m sure you have the 3 ingredients needed for this one at home.  Little ones will love watching the colors swirl around.  Older kids can easily set this up as investigation comparing the effect of different types of milk.  See the details


Marker Chromatography

Chromatography is a BIG word for young superheroes but this is a super simple experiment that allows for tons of variations and extensions.  All you need are some markers (no sharpies or permanent ones), coffee filters and water!  So coffee addicts, can you spare some of your precious filters for an experiment?  If I can, YOU can! See the details


Cloud in a Jar

Want an EASY and FUN way to demonstrate how clouds and rain are related?  Try this experiment with just a few ingredients that I’m sure you have at home! See the details


Rainbow Celery

Ever wonder how plants “drink” water if they have no mouth?  This simple colorful experiment demonstrates how celery “drink” water and explores the concept of “capillary motion” (without the long scientific term of course).  See the details


Traveling Water

Ever notice how water seems to “travel” quickly through a paper towel?  Here’s a great activity for your superheroes to watch water “travel”.  And the best part? You probably already have everything in your kitchen right now! See the details


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