Peeps Sailboats

How many Peeps did your kids (or maybe, you?) inhale over Easter?  Don’t eat them all!  Set up a little water science activity with some of the Peeps! Your dentist will thank me for this!  Just some simple supplies from around the house is all you need to keep your littles one sugar-free, occupied and sticky.  See the details


Apple Float or Sink?

Fall is a fun time to play with apples and go apple picking.   If you have a few extra apples laying around, here’s a great investigation for the tiny tots in your home to investigate whether apples sink or float when placed in water. See the details


Fireworks in a Jar

July 4th Independence Day Holiday is coming up and here’s an easy colorful way to get your holiday started with some science!  Just 3 ingredients from your pantry. See the details


Ocean Zones in a Jar

If you’ve ever tried the liquid layers in a jar, here is a great twist for showing your superheroes the layers in the ocean.  This activity definitely requires some help from an adult to do but my preschoolers really enjoyed watching the layers stack on top of each other.  Older kids will love doing it on their own. See the details


What floats Your Boat?

What kid doesn’t like to play with water?  Add a bit of science and math to your water play next time with this easy experiment to set up at home. Math, science, and some healthy sibling competition all in one!  See the details


Homemade Lava Lamps

I loved those fancy lava lamps when I was a kid, but alas, my parents did not buy one for me.  Here’s a DIY Homemade Lava Lamp with some science sneaked in!  Super easy and mesmerizing for the superheroes in your life! See the details


Soap Souffle

We are about one week away from school starting and it is getting harder to keep the superheroes entertained.  While the baby was napping, we decided to do a quick experiment.  Little did I know that this was going to keep them busy for over an hour!  So grab a bar of Ivory Soap and have some “clean” fun! See the details


Dancing Raisins

Today we were supposed to go to the park but the littlest superhero refused to nap and when he finally did, it was too hot to go outside.  So, we looked in the pantry and had a “dance party” with raisins and soda!  See the details




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