Why does an Octopus Have Ink?

Whenever I visit the Aquarium, I always fall in love with the jellyfish and the octopi.  Watching an octopus move is just so mesmerizing!  They are also known to be very intelligent creatures.  And like most squid, they have an ink sac (which is so very cool if you have ever dissected a squid).   In this quick, simple, activity, your superheroes are going to observe and explore why squid have an ink sac.  See the details


Ocean in a Bottle

For my ocean themed class, I thought it would be fun to make an ocean discovery bottle.  If your kids love to collect shells and rocks and the beach (like mine do), this is a perfect extension activity for when you get home.  This is an easy activity for the kiddos to do and there are so many fun ways to play and learn with them.  And there are so many variations you can add to yours. See the details


Simplified Ocean Zones in a Bottle (3 Zones)

This is the simplified version of Ocean Zones in a Jar but has only the top 3 ocean zones (layers) where much of the well-known marine life exists.  It is also easier for the youngest superheroes to do.  It’s an oceanic twist to the density layers experiment.  See the details


Ocean Zones in a Jar

If you’ve ever tried the liquid layers in a jar, here is a great twist for showing your superheroes the layers in the ocean.  This activity definitely requires some help from an adult to do but my preschoolers really enjoyed watching the layers stack on top of each other.  Older kids will love doing it on their own. See the details


 Exploring Life in the Ocean Zones

Want to explore which organisms live various “zones” of the ocean?  Here’s a fairly simply activity to put together.  Depending on how you make it, you can use it once or make a reusable one.  I’ll explain how to make both versions. See the details


Layers of the Earth

I wanted to show my superheroes what our Earth looked like from the inside.  They’ve seen plenty of images of the outside with the oceans and the continents.  I found this great model Earth activity to do with them that would show them all the layers underneath the Earth’s surface. See the details


Paper Plate Earth

In honor of Earth Day, the superheroes and I decided to do a craft, instead of an experiment.  This is a super EASY craft that takes only a few minutes to set up and complete and it looks awesome!  I’m sure you have these supplies laying around the house.  See the details


Garbage Sorting for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I figured it was time to really show the superheroes (and the Tiny Tots in my classes) how to separate and sort our garbage so that we can reuse as much of our waste as possible.  Here is an EASY activity to get together in 5 minutes!  See the details


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