Kitchen Science


A rite of passage of childhood is definitely making some GAK!  Easy to make at home and the kids love squishing and stretching it around!  For those who are unfamiliar, GAK is a little different in consistency than slime and is made with Borax instead of starch.  Liquid starch is hard to find in the regular stores around here so GAK it is!  And it’s fun! See the details


Homemade Bouncy Balls

My boys LOVE those bouncy balls that they get in goodie bags.  We have a million of them around our house (OK, maybe not a million, but they are always around somewhere around the house).  My littlest one loves crawling after them. See the details


Apple Bubble Science

What kid doesn’t LOVE bubbles? Here’s a quick and easy bubble experiment perfect for the Fall!  Bubbles in Apples!  And it should buy you some time to get dinner going while your kids have some fun. See the details



Cranberry Science

It’s almost Thanksgiving and it’s time to make the cranberry sauce and why not throw in a quick bit of science while the kids help you make the sauce?  Cranberry sauce is quick and easy to make at home and we took some time to explore some fun with cranberries.  (When I mentioned this to my mother, she groaned and said, “Why do you have to find science in everything?”  To which I replied, “Because science is in everything we do!”) See the details


Fireworks in a Jar

July 4th Independence Day Holiday is coming up and here’s an easy colorful way to get your holiday started with some science!  Just 3 ingredients from your pantry. See the details


Purple Potion Reactions (Cabbage Juice indicator)

I’ve been wanting to do this simple kitchen science experiment with my kids for awhile now, as I used to do this with my middle school students once upon a long time ago…This one is fantastic for superheroes of ALL ages.   The younger ones can enjoy the colorful reactions and the older ones can learn a bit about acids and bases and how pH indicators work. See the details


Eggs-periment Part 1 – Naked Eggs

The kitchen is the BEST place to look for materials to investigate with your kids.  This past week, we’ve been “eggs-perimenting” with eggs.  The first part is to create a Naked Egg.  WHAT??  Did I say NAKED??  Yes I did!  And that was enough to get the giggles going in our kitchen.  So simple.  Two ingredients that I know you have at home. See the details


Soap Souffle

We are about one week away from school starting and it is getting harder to keep the superheroes entertained.  While the baby was napping, we decided to do a quick experiment.  Little did I know that this was going to keep them busy for over an hour!  So grab a bar of Ivory Soap and have some “clean” fun! See the details


Outdoor Cooking with a Solar Oven

My oldest superhero asked when we could go camping.  I asked him where he got the idea and he said from “Caillou”.  (I really can’t stand Caillou but my boys adore him!).  So I asked him why and he said because he wanted to make s’mores.  So I said, “Well, we don’t have to go camping to do that, in fact, we can make a solar oven and do it in the back yard.  We just need to get a pizza box.” Of course, the next question was, “Mom, can we have pizza tonight?” And so we had pizza and got an extra box.  And we made s’mores in it.  It was gooey and yummy!  See the details


Ice Age Dino Dig

Over the past week, we’ve been hit by an unusually long stretch of days where the temps have been at or over 100 degrees.  Today was the HOTTEST day of the week, or so the forecasters claim.  It’s been too hot to go outdoors and we’ve all been getting cabin fever so over the past few days, I’ve been preparing an icy dino dig and today the superheroes finally “dug in”. See the details


Borax Crystals

My oldest superhero received a crystal making kit for his 4th birthday and we made the crystals in the kit which were just polyacrilamide with some colored water.  The crystals were jiggly and small and dried out pretty quickly.  Since then they have been asking to do it again.  I figured we needed to try something new.  And we did.  And they were awesome!

These are the EASIEST crystals you’ll ever make!  And they are pretty sturdy when they are done! See the details


Ooooh! Oobleck!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make oobleck with my superheroes!  The first time I ever heard about it was during a teacher workshop at the Exploratorium in San Francisco and then I forgot about it for years.  Until this summer.  If you’ve never made this stuff before, YOU HAVE TO!  It is the coolest thing you have ever felt!  And it only requires ONE ingredient (besides water).  So open up your pantry and make some TODAY!  See the details


Candy Chemistry – Skittles and M&M’s

As I mentioned in my last post, the superheroes received a ton of candy so we used them for experiments instead of ingesting all that extra sugar.  This is a quick and easy one to do anytime with just 2 ingredients!  Doesn’t get simpler than this!  See the details


Candy Chemistry – Bears and Fish, Oh My!

My kids received goodies bag last weekend filled with candy that I’d prefer they not eat.  But my older superhero reminded me that we can’t just throw it away because that would be wasting food, so we came up with an idea to put the candy to good use!  As a bonus, we had friends try out several experiments with us.  This one uses Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish.  See the details


Ice-Cream in a Bag

It’s been warm this summer and we’ve been enjoying a lot of ice-cream.  Instead of buying ice-cream, I thought it would be fun to make our own ice-cream.  With just a few ingredients, you can make ice-cream in a bag without the hefty cost of an ice-cream maker!  Plus, the kids are learning some science without even realizing it! See the details




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