Life Science

Why Does an Octopus Have Ink?

Whenever I visit the Aquarium, I always fall in love with the jellyfish and the octopi.  Watching an octopus move is just so mesmerizing!  They are also known to be very intelligent creatures.  And like most squid, they have an ink sac (which is so very cool if you have ever dissected a squid).   In this quick, simple, activity, your superheroes are going to observe and explore why squid have an ink sac.  See the details


Ziplock Greenhouse

This little Greenhouse is SOO easy to make and is so much fun for kids to watch their plants sprout!  I got this idea from an activity that my oldest son did in a Mommy n’ Me class I did with him when he was 2 years old.  It stuck with me and I was excited to try it with my Tiny Tots. See the details


Exploring Life in the Ocean Zones

Want to explore which organisms live various “zones” of the ocean?  Here’s a fairly simply activity to put together.  Depending on how you make it, you can use it once or make a reusable one.  See the details


Salt Dough Fossils

By far the biggest hit of my Dinosaur theme Science class are the salt dough fossils.  So easy to make the dough and the kids love playing with it like playdough.  And best of all?  You can bake them, paint them and save them or give them as gifts!  With the holidays right around the corner, you have to try this!  See the details


Rainbow Celery

Ever wonder how plants “drink” water if they have no mouth?  This simple colorful experiment demonstrates how celery “drink” water and explores the concept of “capillary motion” (without the long scientific term of course).  See the details


Dinosaur Dig

Here’s an EASY activity to set up with just a box of sand and those dollar store dinosaurs you have hiding around your home.  Pair it with some dinosaur eggs (below) and you have yourself a Dinosaur Dig! See the details


Dinosaur Eggs

Learn how to make EASY homemade Dinosaur eggs with treasures inside.  Takes about 10 minutes to make and your superheroes will LOVE breaking them open to see what’s inside. See the details






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