Paper Plate Earth

In honor of Earth Day, the superheroes and I decided to do a craft, instead of an experiment.  This is a super EASY craft that takes only a few minutes to set up and complete and it looks awesome!  I’m sure you have these supplies laying around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • White plate (or a large white cardboard/cardstock circle)
  • blue and green tissue paper cut into squares (leftover from all those gifts your kids receive!)
  • Glue and scissors

Cover the entire plate (circle) with glue.  We just spread ours around but you could also use a paintbrush.


Using the green and blue tissue paper squares (we ended up using leftover streamers cut into squares) let your little ones create their version of the world map.  We looked at pictures of the Earth first and discussed what the green and blue represent.

IMG_1560 IMG_1564_2

Let it dry.  That’s it!  You can hole punch it and hang it near a window.  Simple.  Easy.


Here’s where I got my idea from: